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Millet Vadai

2021-08-24 10:24:12
Millets are the healthy option when you are trying to go on the low-carb diet and what could be better than to use them in regular meals. Millets have numerous nutraceutical and wellbeing advancing properties particularly the high fiber content.
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Ragi Murukku

2021-09-04 20:25:12
Ragi is wealthy in protein and as a grain crop, ragi has the most elevated measure of calcium and potassium. This makes it exceptionally accommodating in working on bone, teeth and muscle wellbeing, while potassium can keep up with circulatory strain.
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Idiyappam Chicken Biriyani

2021-10-02 11:36:45
Idiayappam Chicken Biriyani is one delightful adaptation of a biriyani with a contort. Assuming you love biriyani, this formula makes certain to assuage you. Impeccably cooked idiyappams and chicken pieces with the perfect measure of flavors and flavorings add a crown to this first class dish..
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Millet Pulao

2021-10-03 11:16:52
Millet Pulao or Tehri is a gently flavored one Pot ,Turmeric Rice with vegetables. Healthy Foxtail Millet Tehri is a rendition that utilizes Millets rather than Rice. Growing up we ate such a large amount Pulao that it's just about a section our food texture.
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Cashew Butter Masala

2021-11-09 16:37:59
Cashews are the Royal & Healthy option. where a tomato based rich sauce is ready prior to allowing the cashews to stew in the rich sauce. Cashew Butter Masala is gently flavored, easy to get ready yet a rich dish, which you can get ready for any event
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